Our handcrafted beers are brewed with only the finest local ingredients


Bloomer Lager

ABV 5.0% – 20 IBU

Bloomer’s own signature cold conditioned blonde lager

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Cow Bell Cream Ale

ABV 6.5% – 22 IBU

This tasty ale will ring your cow-bell “NEED MORE COW-BELL !!!”

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Bloomer Town Brown

ABV 4.8% – 20 IBU


Butch Light

ABV 3.8% – 20 IBU

A light refreshing “30-Pack” version of our signature Bloomer Lager.

Stache Trail Session Ale

ABV 5.6% – 35 IBU

A session style IPA perfectly balanced between sweet and bitter, crafted for the adventure.

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Back Porch

ABV 4.5%

A light and summery lemon-raspberry ale.

Delicious Seasonal Beers….

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The Beast

ABV 4.8% – 15 IBU

Light and crispy, a smooth drinking blonde Pilsner with a little “KICK”.  Go Beast Mode!

Hog Breath

ABV 6.5% – 25 IBU

A dark medley of flavor!!  A sharp but discrete Smokey flavor followed by hints of Maple Syrup and Bacon!!

Early Frost

ABV 4.8% – 25 IBU

A surprisingly refreshing winter lager brewed with a hint of Nutmeg, perfect pairing for all those hearty winter meals!

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Winter Bock

ABV 5.5% – 22 IBU

Dark brown bock beer, brewed with locally homemade Wisconsin Maple Syrup


715 – Summer Ale

ABV 5.0% – 25 IBU

A crisp refreshing light summer ale brewed with Orange Zest

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ABV 5.2% – 20 IBU

A tribute to traditional Oktoberfest.  This malty lager with copper color and supple aroma will have you wishing it was Oktoberfest all year long

Kin-Key Lie Pie

ABV 5.6% – 35 IBU

A tart summery Sour that tastes like Key Lime Pie!

S’more Beer

ABV 6.0% – 25 IBU

A malty, smooth drinking dark lager. Starts bold and malty and finishes with a sweet Smore flavor!

Fa-La-La Lager

ABV 5.5% – 25 IBU

Santas favorite! An amber lager with touch of dark chocolate and peppermint!

Stolty’s A-Horizon Stout

ABV 4.5%

Rich, full flavored Stout with a smooth finish.

Weathered Brick

ABV 5.5%

Wheat Beer. Full of flavor and a little zest.

(Limited & Seasonal)

Missing Digit

ABV 5.5%

A fresh wet hop brew!!  Brewed with fresh wet hops the same day they were picked from 29 Finger Hop Yard in Gilman, WI.

(Limited & Seasonal)

Barrel Aged Beer

Rut Bock

ABV 7.5% – 25 IBU

Barrel Aged Winter Bock, aged 1 year in Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels!

Coming Soon….

Fall 2021 Barrel Aged Hog Breath, aged 1 year in Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels

Fall 2022 “500” – We are barrel aging our 500th batch of beer “Oktoberfest”!